What Is DMesh

DMesh, designed by Dofl Y.H. Yun, is a custom creative application that turns images into techy artwork. It works by analyzing an image and generating a triangulation pattern for a beautiful finished product. To build the program, Dofl employed a groundbreaking mix of computer vision technologies to make DMesh for someone without any design background.

Since its release, DMesh has taken the media by storm. It’s been featured in the Creative Applications Network, Creativity Magazine and Fastcodesign. Dofl continues to field requests from professional motion designers and 3D animations, and expects to continue adding features and adapting DMesh for the people who use it for a very long time.




Key Features

Auto Point Generation

DMesh provides auto-generated points, which is useful for people doing animations or larger batches of images. Where other tools only allow manual use, DMesh analyzes the image, adds points and plays with the density accordingly while reducing noise in the mesh.

Dynamic Mesh Density Control

This allows users to control number of mesh dynamically so realistic result having more meshes or abstract one having less meshes can be made easily.

Mesh Density Animation

This feature is in testing. The next version update will include this feature.

Manual Point Editing Tool

Control the number of mesh points dynamically: add more for a realistic result, or subtract to make the image more abstract.

Export as ...

DMesh suports exporting images as bitmaps, vectors or 3D data for maximum flexibility and scope.

Working with Sequenced Images

Import/export sequenced images automatically, making it easier for motion designers. Video import/export is in the works.

Computer Vision Technology

Auto Point Generation is built based on computer vision technology so the results are closer to the original source and working with animation files can get more continuity between frames and less noise in the mesh.



The table below shows each feature of DMesh, DMesh Pro and DMesh for iPhone. DMesh Pro goes beyond the basics to expertly handle animation: it loads, processes and exports sequenced images so the results can stand alone or as elements for additional work. Because it has a cost, Dofl uses it to target professional users and tries to continue adding the features they need.

DMeshDMesh ProDMesh for iPhone
Auto Point Generation
Manual Point Editing Tool
Camera Image Capture
Bitmpa Image Import
Bitmap Image Export (PNG)
Vector Image Export (PDF)
OBJ Export (OBJ)
Dynamic Control of Mesh Density*
Mesh Density Animation*
Sequence Images Import/Export*
OS X Version(10.6.6 or later)
Windows Version -

User Showcase

See how users are using DMesh here. You’ll get an idea of how you use Dmesh for your project. If you would like to share your project, plese contact me.


by Thomas Blanchard

Music video for Destronics' single 'Look'


by Hironori Sugie

Music video for "Takeshi Nakatsuka" from the 'Lyrics' album


by Oliver Latta

Music Video for 'The confession' album


by Salon Alpin

TEDx Vienna Event Titles


by Simon Russell

Mesh Wall


by Simon Bronson

Circle: DMesh Test


by Steven Hasegawa

One View of Mt. Fuji


Simon Bronson

Syncbody Test: Original film is 'Syncbody' by Daihei Shibata


by Per Zennstrom, Michael Sontag, Hahnemuhle

A digital fashion experiment


by John Likens

Concept work for the 'Marvel's The Avengers' film


by Andrew J. Nilsen

SF Weekly Magazine Cover


by Dofl Y.H. Yun

A series of abstract objects


by Dofl Y.H. Yun

A series of portrait


by Simon Bronson

Experiment: C4D > AE > DMesh > AE



Q. I can't figure out how to zoom out through?

A. The current version doesn't have zoom-in/out functions and display 100% scale image. The reason why I did this way is for the performance. DMesh recommends using smaller than your screen resolution for that reason and supports Vector format export to get high resolution image. Especially Pro version allows to control density of mesh so you can get same result below.

High resolution + low density mesh = low resolution + high density mesh

Q. DMesh on Mac crashes with each start or resizing window.

A. DMesh uses Graphic card power to get best performance. Unfortunately some graphic cards on Macs would makes crash you already met. We strongly recommend to test DMesh (Free version) before buying Pro version to check if DMesh works properly on your system

Q. How to import or export sequence images?

A. Here are genera steps. 1. Make a empty folder. 2. Put sequence images like 'seq_1.jpg', 'seq_2.jpg', … into the folder. 3. Click 'Load Sequecne' and select the folder having sequences. Make sure there are image files only. Otherwise DMesh might crash. 4. After handing images in DMesh, click 'Save Sequence' and choose a folder where you would like to save.





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